What is the Keto diet?

What is the Keto diet?

The Ketogenic diet (or simply Keto diet) is a well-known diet mainly for its health benefits. This implies that plus losing weight, unlike many other diets, the Keto diet can ensure dieters of staying healthy in their diet period. In this article, we try to explain the Keto dietfor beginners. These health benefits protect dieters from:

  • Diabetes, 
  • Cancer, 
  • Epilepsy, 
  • Alzheimer’s disease,
  • Brain injuries,
  • Parkinson’s disease,

Please note that although mentioned here, the research on the above diseases is not one-hundred percent approved. While in general, it is well-known that the Keto diet weight loss goes hand in hand with improving the dieter’s health for the following reasons. The Keto diet plan is perhaps closest to low carb and Atkins diets. Thus the best answer to what is the Keto diet is that it is a low carb and high-fat diet. A correct Keto diet plan is one that reduces carbohydrate intake and leads to fast burning of fat, turning them into ketones in the liver, which the body automatically consumes as energy for the brain. Also, a proper Keto diet plan can drastically reduce the:

  • Blood sugar level,
  • Insulin level,

Which are particularly important at old ages. A properly planned Keto diet plan is so filling that dieters do not need to worry about counting calories or food intake. 

Keto diet menu

A Keto diet food list is as follows:

  • Red meat, steak, sausages, turkey, chicken, 
  • Fatty fish (such as tuna, mackerel, or salmon),
  • Cream and butter,
  • Eggs,
  • Virgin olive oil, avocado oil, or any other healthy oils,
  • Chia seeds, almond, walnut, pumpkin seeds, and in general nuts and seeds,
  • Tomatoes, onions, peppers, and other low carb veggies,
  • Avocados,
  • Spices, salt, herbs, or generally condiments, 

Thus the Keto diet foods can be pretty diverse and in all flavors, unlike many other diets. A mixture of these categories can also make a fine and vibrant Keto diet menu, containing many other Keto diet foods:

  • Coconut powder,
  • Almond milk,
  • Peanut butter,
  • Yogurt milk,
  • Soy milk,
  • Salsa,
  • etc.

Because of the rich variety of Keto diet foods, there is a long list of Keto diet recipes:

  • Fried eggs and mushrooms,
  • Cream cheese pancakes, 
  • Avocado shrimp salad,
  • Whitefish toasted with pine nuts,
  • Sesame chicken,
  • Veggie muffins,
  • Egg-based meals,
  • Egg muffins,
  • Veggie burgers,
  • Cheese shell tacos,
  • Spinach omelet, 
  • Chicken stuffed with cream cheese, 
  • Beet noodle salad,
  • Fried spinach with butter and eggs,
  • etc.

As it is evident, a standard Keto diet recipe mainly contains meat and veggies. Alongside the main dishes, there are some snacks that are suitable to accompany a Keto diet plan:

  • Sushi bites,
  • Hard-boiled eggs,
  • 90% dark chocolate,
  •  Bell peppers,
  • Beef jerky,
  • Fat bombs,
  • Plain cottage cheese,
  • etc.

Keto diet pills can be also effective if your diet is not optimal or sufficient, or if there is a risk of losing muscles or becoming tired easily. Keto diet pills usually help dieters with quick fat loss, and in some cases are specifically designed for a specific gender metabolism adaptation or a variety of ages. For all these reasons, it is advised to consult a doctor beforehand. 

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