Why Pranayama Is Better Than Smoking A Weed

Why Pranayama Is Better Than Smoking A Weed

Pranayama is a breathing exercise that helps to circulate blood flow through the body. It is a vital body exercise, and even a physically disabled person can do it. Many neuroscientists recommend Pranayam for their patients. It is scientifically proven that Pranayama cures asthma, cancer, and allergies. Pranayam can be done anytime during night day. It does not require any special body movement. For many regular doers, pranayama has been successful to cure nasal polyps.

However, people still prefer weed over Pranayam as medicine. Because weed has several uses in medicine for the treatment of various diseases. Due to the pandemic, 2020 became the highest profitable year for weed. Directly smoking weed is injurious to health, and it can even cause death in several situations. 

A misconception is that weed helps to detox the body. Some IBS patients who take daily doses of probiotics prefer weed before sleeping. A delusion is that smoking weed helps to relax the body. Detoxication is a complicated process that requires proper treatment and follows up from medical experts. Weed can never detox the body without proper medicinal treatment.

Direct use of weed without federal approval is illegal. It can impose several years in prison without bail. There are an enormous amount of side effects on the body when we take weed. Because of several complications, weed is illegal in a few states. Weed has several benefits as well in Pain management, but it requires accurate doses of medicine. The link provides the details of the states that have legalized weeds Legality of cannabis by U.S. jurisdiction – Wikipedia

Pranayam is the easiest technique to immune your body. In spiritual terms, it gives shakti (power) to the body. Bali (Indonesia) has become the biggest hub of Pranayam followers. Additionally, Pranayam is a natural aphrodisiac replacement for fruits like strawberries. It is always better to perform 5 minutes of Pranayama than buying expensive fruits from Aldi grocery stores. 

Pranayam also helps to immune against covid-19 as per many researchers. Even a shorter spell of Pranayam can improve body metabolism. Kerala (India) is famous for its Ayurvedic centers and Yogic lifestyle that is completely focused on Pranayama and Panchakarma techniques. You can find the authorized list of Ayurvedic centers in Kerala approved by the state government. Details of Ayurveda Centre in Kerala | Where to Stay in Kerala (keralatourism.org)

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