Healthy eating guidelines

104 Healthy Eating Guidelines

Following the healthy eating guidelines are a must in today’s technological advanced world. The following list contains some essential instructions for healthy diet traditions.

Adapt to do-it-yourself attitude for simple chores like washing utensils, cleaning the car, ironing clothes.

A simple Yes to healthy food and No to unhealthy food will keep you away from all illnesses and diseases.

Altogether avoid drinking alcohol or alcohol-related products and drinks. If required, only have red or white wine.

Eat different types of food during every meal for the whole month.
Have four meals per day – breakfast in the morning, a small lunch pack in the afternoon, another little lunch in post afternoon, and a light eight dinner.

Eat a lot of colorful fruits, cereals, and vegetables.

Use honey instead of sugar.

Consume egg per day in any way you like boiled or smashed or fry.

Always refer to consume white meat instead of red meat.

Take only half of the sugar any recipe. For example, if a vanilla cake recipe has 1 cup of sugar, then use only half a cup.

Do not watch TV or handle any electronic devices while eating food.

Avoid eating starch and powdered grains, pulses and legumes, instead boil and consume them as a whole food item.

Do not drink more than one glass of water while having a meal.

Limit the three types of meat per week.

Eat one fish per week (any fish).

Drink one glass of lemonade every day.

Have a high fiber diet like steamed vegetables and root vegetables.

Avoid eating spicy and fried food.

Do not smoke while eating or consuming any drinks.

Stay away from highly saturated food like French fried or chicken fries.

Do not use bicarbonate soda in food.

Do not eat chicken everyday else; it will lead to severe medical illnesses like piles or Constipation.

Drink 4 liters of water every day. It is the most important healthy eating guideline that not to be missed.

Do not eat salads directly, have them boil or steam for a couple of minutes, and then eat them.

Do not eat food from refrigerators; instead, cook a meal every time you need to eat.

Take 2 cups of buttermilk after breakfast, lunch, and dinner every time.

Drink one glass of water when waking from bed in the morning.

Have ice-cream only during the summer season or if you feel acidic.

Have soups for dinner instead of hard food.

Limit rice three times for the week

Walk minimum five and maximum 10 kilometers per day
Do not sleep while eating.

Avoid any type of sticky food like cornflour or chickpea flour.
Although they are highly nutritious, it is better to consume them grain by boiling or soaking them in water.

Maintain the same quantity of food every day and do not increase the amount if you feel emotional to keep mode during celebrations.

Walk for 5 minutes before and after having meals. It creates hunger before eating and helps to circulate food post-lunch.

Do not sit in sunlight after having food.

Drink warm or lukewarm water every day.

Do not chop vegetables two fine; otherwise, it will get stuck in the gut, and it will eventually rot. Instead, job vegetables in a big cube so that they can help to digest the food and clean the intestines.

Do not soak vegetables in water for long otherwise, and it will lose all the nutritional value.

Drink one glass of milk with tsp of clarified butter or ghee before going to bed.

Do not consume fermented food like cake, bread, and pizza. They are not suitable in every environment.

Make sure the meat is well done. Do not half cook or overcook.

If you’re on the medicines, then have medications after 30 minutes after consuming meals. Otherwise, if you take medicine along with food, then it may damage the chemical composition of your drugs.

Do not bath after taking any sorts of food or drinks.

It is better to eat one banana per day so that guts are always healthy.

Chew your food fine so that saliva gets adequately mixed in the meal. It helps to reduce overhead on the stomach on grinding grain.

While going on trek or hike, take only liquid food.

Do not eat the burn the food else; it will lead to food poison.

Do not eat outside or whatever street food.

Store food in the refrigerator no longer than one day.

Avoid eating frozen food and foods that contain artificial sweeteners.

Use trail mix, rice puffs, snacks, and shallow fried snacks during winter to fulfill the body’s energy meet.

Regular Cycling, yoga, running helps to keep the body fit and fine.

Be engaged in stress-less activities and generates dopamine, which a chemical in our body that helps to maintain a healthy nervous system.

Eat a couple of curry leaves per day as it helps to maintain blood sugar.

Use olive oil for all cooking.

Do not eat condensed milk products like milk bars, sweet milk.

Eat 1 tsp of clarified butter per day.

Consume fruits or in pieces instead of fruit juice.

Avoid drinking almond milk and instead drink pure cow milk if available.

Avoid cheese, but if required, Eat goat cheese instead of any other types of cheese.

Every human body is different, and hence, it demands different nutrients levels. It also defers on gender and age. So, eat accordingly.

Use Bronze plates, spoon, and forks instead of steel or all minimum.

Drink tea instead of coffee.

Have one chocolate per day to reduce risk of heart attack
Use coriander leaves in every soups and curry.

Consume boiled potatoes instead of fried ones.

Avoid eating sausages or salamis that contains animal fat coating.
Eat peanuts instead of cashew nuts or pistachios.

Gargle a mouthful of water after every meal and throw so that no food particles stick to teeth.

Understand your body food requirements and eat accordingly.

Sometimes the body needs only a little food.

Stored water in mud or bronze container as these metals have antibacterial properties.

Keep a vertical distance of 15 centimeters between food place and mouth so that you must bend little to take food from plate to mouth. It helps to regulate muscles inside the esophagus, which eventually helps to digest the food.

Do not drink hot drinks more than three times a day, as it may impact teeth.

Have balance and consistent intake of foods that contain various vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, etc.

If you feel blocked nose, then take steam before going to bed.

Vajrayana is a Yoga pose that helps to digest food. Since it is a little challenging to make, you can use different variations of Vajraasana depending upon your physique.

Keep your cell phone away 1 hour before sleeping. Mobile phones emit intense radiations, which may impact sleeping hours as recent pe studies.

Sleep well enough that you feel energized. There is no exact sleeping our standard as the body differs from person to person.

Use natural herbs as Basil leaves for seasoning instead of artificial flavors.

Do not store or cook food in the plastic oven, even if they are microwave safe. Many science types of research have shown that storing food in plastic may cause cancer.

Intake dark grape instead of white grapes

Broccoli is much better than cauliflower.

Use Bell pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, carrots, avocado, cherries, spinach, asparagus and boiled egg as salads.

While cooking onion adds a little salt as it helps to reduce cooking time and caramelize onions.

Use a pressure cooker for cooking hard edibles like rice and potatoes

Daily eat 1 cup of sprouts as it helps to improve the reproduction system.

Target to consume 5 vegetables + 5 grains + 5 salads + 1 fish + 1 chicken per week.

Soak 2-3 almonds at night and consume in the morning. It will fulfill the daily needs a minimum amount of protein required for the body per day.

Avoid adding too many raw spices while cooking. Have a couple of spices with balance quantity.

Use organic milk, vegetables, and meat products

Use country and free-range cage-free eggs. There is some egg quality that costs $9 per dozen depending on space for chicken. It hardly makes any nutritional difference between a $4 per dozen and $8 score.

Green apples are better than red apples.

Buy live meat butchered during your presence rather than packed meat.

Do not soak meat products after washing. Moisturizing meat products boost to bacterial growth.

Wash your hands before and after every meal.

Cook and Eat foods together with family as it helps to converse water and gas.

Avoid eating on a bed, sofa, and while in standing position.

Do not drive while eating or drinking.

Keep a positive attitude while eating, regardless. It is not cooked or too much salt. I appreciate the cook.

If you have even a single doubt that food is terrible, do not eat and throw away.

Get advice from a professional dietician to understand your body needs. Usually, they will test your BMI (Body Mass Index) to know how much protein or calcium need for your body. They may also give your day to day schedule and healthy eating guidelines.

Use a mobile app to keep track of your daily healthy eating.

Avoid eating more when you are worried.

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