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Why Pranayama Is Better Than Smoking A Weed

Why Pranayama Is Better Than Smoking A Weed

Pranayama is a breathing exercise that helps to circulate blood flow through the body. It is a vital body exercise, and even a physically disabled person can do it. Many neuroscientists recommend Pranayam for their patients. It is scientifically proven that Pranayama cures asthma, cancer, and allergies. Pranayam can be done anytime during night day. […]

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Healthy Diet During the COVID-19 Pandemic

View Post For Healthy Diet During the COVID-19 pandemic, No specific food/drinks or diets have been suggested so far by the World Health Organization (WHO) for preventing the infection from COVID-19. But it is important to maintain a healthy diet during self-quarantine or generally, the COVID-19 pandemic period. This is mainly for boosting your both […]

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10 Camping Healthy Snack Recipes

In Backpacking trails, it is essential to carry healthy snacks and consumable in any weather and altitude. There are some easy camping meals pre-cooked and stored during camping. Following are the list of some these healthy snack recipes Potato Chips: Ingredients: 1 Potato sliced thinly 1 Glass of water salt and Oil for frying Method: […]