Squash and Orange Soup

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Squash and Orange Soup

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Recipe Name: Squash and Orange Soup

Peel and finely dice the squash of your choice, leaving out any seeds etc.
Fniely chop a medium sized onion or a handful of shallots. Put both in a
large pan and add just enough water to cover. Add a little very finely
chopped parsley.
Bring pan to the boil, and then simmer for 15-20 minutes (or until squash
and onion have gone very soft). Turn out heat and allow to cool slightly.
Put contents of pan through a blender till an even consistency has been
Tip back into pan and add 5 fl oz fresh orange juice and fresh ground
black pepper. Reheat, but do not boil.
Serve marbled with plain yoghourt.
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