Crab Rendang (Malaysian)

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Crab Rendang (Malaysian)

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Recipe Name: Crab Rendang (Malaysian)

4 large crabs(halve)
2 cups thick coconut milk
salt to taste
Ingredients to be pounded:
10 or more dried red chillies(soak in water)
3 lemon grass (use the white part only)(serai)
1/2 in fresh turmeric(kunyit basah)
5 nips garlic
1-1/2 " ginger
4 large bombay onions or 15 shallots
2cm galangal(lengkuas)
1/2 tsp cumin seeds

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Heat oil in wok
Stir fry the pounded ingredients until fragrant
Add in the coconut milk and let it simmer gently.
Half way, add in the crabs and cook until required thickness or dried.
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