Green Chilies Rellenos Casserole

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Green Chilies Rellenos Casserole

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Recipe Name: Green Chilies Rellenos Casserole

3 − 7 oz. cans of Old Elpaso whole Green Chilies
1/2 Lb. Grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese (large grate)
1/2 Lb. Grated Monterey Jack Cheese (large grate)
1 − 12 oz Can Evaporated Milk
4 eggs, separated
3 Tablespoon Flour
2 cups Tomato sauce
1/2 teaspoon Salt
(Open Chilies and remove seeds)

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Using a 13x9 glass casserole dish, cover the bottom with
1/2 of the Chilies. Cover Chilies with 1/2 of the Cheddar Cheese.
Now add 1/2 the Monterey Jack Cheese.
Layer on your remainder of Chilies−Cheddar−and Jack.
Beat egg yokes; add Milk, Flour, salt and mix. Beat egg whites
to soft peeks and carefully fold into flour mixture.
Pour this over top of Chili Cheese layers and bake covered at
325F for 1 Hr. Uncover, add Tomato sauce, and return to 325F oven
uncovered for 1/2 hr. Let cool for 15 min. and enjoy.
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